Hattendo seasonal “Cream Pan Amaou Strawberry” is now available in an even tastier version!

From Hattendo, the famous cream bun maker headquartered in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the annual popular seasonal limited edition product “Cream Bun Amaou Strawberry” has been released starting from March 1, 2024 (Friday).

(Note: “Hattendo” is a bakery known for its cream pan, and “Amao Ichigo” refers to a specific type of strawberry.)

This year, the “Amaou Strawberry Jam” has been generously increased, and the cream has been changed to custard, resulting in a seasonally limited product that is even more delicious.

Cream Bread with Amaou Strawberries

Sales Period:

March 1, 2024 (Friday) to around the end of May 2024

Sales Locations:

Hattendo stores (domestic)

  • Please note that the specifications of the product may differ depending on the sales location.


360 yen per piece

Additional Information:

  • The cream bread is made with a soft and fluffy dough filled with a generous amount of sweet and creamy custard.
  • The Amaou strawberries are carefully selected for their large size, bright red color, and sweet and juicy flavor.
  • The cream bread is perfect for a quick and delicious snack or dessert.