The 2024 Hiroshima Flower Festival has opened its doors, marking its return after a five-year hiatus during the Golden Week period, attracting record-breaking numbers of attendees

The largest event to adorn Hiroshima, the “47th Hiroshima Flower Festival,” commenced on Friday, May 3, 2024, with the Peace Memorial Park and Peace Boulevard serving as the main venues, ushering in a vibrant spectacle.

Blessed with favorable weather, the opening day unfolded under clear skies, promising a warm day from early morning. As noon approached, temperatures rose, making the atmosphere so balmy that even a leisurely stroll induced perspiration, prompting frequent announcements along Peace Boulevard to encourage adequate hydration.

Beautiful flowers adorned the venues such as the Peace Memorial Park, adding vibrancy to the event’s landscape.

The Opening Event: SUP Race

At the Motoyasu River, the preliminary rounds of the SUP race commenced early in the morning. The appearance of athletes with championship experience in world competitions electrified the venue, captivating spectators with their high-level starts and cornering skills.

Main Event: “Flower Grand Parade”

At 11 o’clock, the parade kicked off, with runners carrying torches ignited from the “Flame of Peace” traversing Peace Boulevard. Following this, the main event, the “Flower Grand Parade,” commenced in grandeur with floral floats leading the procession. Visitors flocked to the roadside to catch a glimpse of the parade, which, after a five-year hiatus, was held during the Golden Week, enjoying dance performances and musical displays, erupting into cheers and applause with each step of the march.

Gourmet Haven: Tourism Product Exhibition

At the tourism product exhibition, rows of gourmet stalls offered tantalizing scents of sizzling teppanyaki dishes such as meats and yakisoba, enticing visitors’ appetites. Visitors savored a diverse array of delicacies from across the country, indulging in their favorite dishes with delight.

The number of visitors steadily increased from morning till noon, filling the streets with bustling crowds.

As night fell, the objects of Peace Memorial Park, including flowers and flower candles, illuminated the surroundings, offering a surreal ambiance distinct from the daytime.

The Flower Festival continues for three days, with “Street Athletics Plus” on Saturday, May 4, on Peace Boulevard, followed by the “Kinsai Yosakoi” parade and stage performances on Sunday, May 5, promising further excitement for the city of Hiroshima.