Enchanted Flower Illumination at Night in Peace Memorial Park [Hiroshima Flower Festival]

The “47th Hiroshima Flower Festival,” which opened on Friday, May 3, 2024, featured a flower illumination event in the evening at the Peace Memorial Park.

On the opening day, a comprehensive flower parade and various stage events, including dance and music performances, created a lively atmosphere. As night fell, the Peace Memorial Park became tranquil, with decorated flowers and objects illuminated, creating a fantastical ambiance. Visitors strolled through the park, commenting on its beauty as they explored.

In the grass plaza, illuminated flower and origami crane sculptures emerged as beautiful art pieces.

Around the Hiroshima Peace City Memorial Monument, candlelit glass and flower towers became popular photo spots.

Within the park, preparations for the upcoming “20th World Rose Convention Fukuyama Expo 2025” were evident with the appearance of rose sculptures, attracting visitors for commemorative photos.

The symbol of the Flower Festival, the “Flower Tower,” was also illuminated, its lit flame at the top adding to its presence and brightening the surroundings.

In contrast to the daytime hustle and bustle, the illuminated flower candles and objects in the quiet of the night offered visitors a different experience, showcasing the Flower Festival’s ability to entertain with contrasting expressions of stillness and motion within a single day.