“Hiroshima’s Streets Alive with Track and Field Events” – Flower Festival’s Second Day in Full Swing

In the midst of the 2024 Golden Week holiday period, the second day of the Flower Festival took place on May 4th (Saturday) in Hiroshima City.

Once again blessed with excellent weather, the day saw temperatures akin to a summer’s day, prompting perspiration even with just a single layer of short sleeves. The Peace Memorial Park and Peace Boulevard, serving as the venue, buzzed with excitement as various events unfolded on stages set up throughout.

The festival, which had already attracted over 700,000 visitors on its first day, continued its momentum unabated on the second day with even more attendees flooding the venue.

On Peace Boulevard in front of the Peace Memorial Park, the “Hiroshima Street Athletics Plus” event was held, featuring demonstrations of pole vaulting, hurdling, and trampoline competitions by top athletes.

Special seating areas for children were arranged so that they could have a close-up view of the action, delighting many youngsters who gathered there with sparkling eyes.

During the demonstration of pole vaulting by top athletes, loud cheers erupted from the audience as the bar was cleared, accompanied by expressions of astonishment such as “Wow, they cleared that height?” and “Amazing. Such a graceful jump!”.

In the trampoline competition demonstration, athletes soared up to 7 meters in height, showcasing elegant maneuvers like somersaults and mid-air twists, captivating the audience with their breathtaking skills.

After the demonstrations, children had the opportunity to participate in activities like pole vaulting and trampolining, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

This year’s Flower Festival has seen unprecedented levels of excitement, and with favorable weather forecasted for its final day on May 5th (Sunday), a large turnout is expected once again. To all participants, don’t forget to stay hydrated and enjoy the event to the fullest.