The highly anticipated event for the Golden Week holiday, “Chicken Fest & World Beer,” has begun at Hiroshima Gate Park

During the Golden Week holiday period in May 2024, the large-scale event “Chicken Fest: Festival of World Beers and Chicken Dishes” kicked off on April 26th (Friday) at the Hiroshima Gate Park Plaza, lasting for 11 days.

Visitors seeking delicious beers from around the world and chicken dishes have been flocking to the venue, creating a lively atmosphere.

The opening day, being a weekday before the holiday period, offered a relatively relaxed atmosphere where visitors could enjoy beer and gourmet food without encountering overcrowding.

How to Enjoy the Event

Upon entering the venue, there is a ticket booth on the right-hand side where food vouchers priced at 800 yen each are available for purchase. These vouchers can be used to buy food, drinks, and desserts. Payment methods include cash, credit cards, and electronic money, although cash is not accepted for food and desserts. Additionally, during peak hours, “Fast Tickets” can be purchased at this booth for 500 yen each, allowing quick purchases via the “Fast Lane.”

Venue Overview

In the center of the park, there are many seats arranged, offering a possibility of securing seating even during crowded times. However, seats may fill up during peak hours such as weekends and holidays during the Golden Week.

Visitors come from various backgrounds, including groups of office workers, families, couples, and solo travelers, with many foreign tourists also present. A popular attraction among local Hiroshima residents is the “Juicy Meat-filled Pan-fried Buns” offered by Diamond Dining, a vendor from Tokyo.

Stage Entertainment

A stage is set up in the large roofed plaza, where evening music events entertain the crowd. Stage events are held every day during the event period at 16:00 and 18:30, with additional sessions starting from 14:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

The “Chicken Fest: Festival of World Beers and Chicken Dishes” will continue until May 6th (Monday, holiday). Don’t miss the chance to enjoy delicious chicken dishes and world-class beers at the Hiroshima Gate Park Plaza during this Golden Week holiday.