The schedule for the Rose Parade and the event details at seven venues for the 57th Fukuyama Rose Festival have been announced

The large-scale event “The 57th Fukuyama Rose Festival” will be held on May 18th (Saturday) and 19th (Sunday) in the downtown area located on the south side of JR Fukuyama Station. The schedule for the main event, the “Rose Parade,” and the event contents at seven venues have been announced.

The main event of the Rose Festival, the Rose Parade, starts with the opening ceremony at 12:00, followed by the lead group departing around 12:35 from Myoho-ji Intersection. Subsequently, floats, dance groups, music groups, and Yosakoi dance groups will follow, marching all the way to Midorimachi Park. The splendid parade will liven up the streets of Fukuyama.

At the seven event venues, numerous plans such as gourmet booths, experience booths, and workshops are prepared to entertain visitors during the Rose Festival.

At Fukuyama Castle Square and Fukuyama Station area, there will be popular booths for children such as a matcha tea ceremony, stamp rally, fluffy dome, and stalls for children’s favorite carnival games, providing enjoyment for families. Food trucks will also gather at Fukuyama Castle Square, offering a variety of gourmet options.

In the downtown shopping district and the stage area at Chuo Park, a total of 45 street performers will gather to entertain the crowd with shows at 15 different locations. The energetic performances by performers and the audience will create a lively atmosphere throughout Fukuyama.

At the “Butchi Uma Hiroba” area of Midorimachi Park, approximately 30 booths will line up, offering delicious dishes including local specialties from Fukuyama. The gourmet area is divided into three zones, allowing visitors to enjoy food as they stroll around.

Each venue will host a multitude of events, including music and dance stage performances, and various workshops where memories can be made, ensuring an abundance of entertainment.

Why not visit the two-day festival where Fukuyama city buzzes with the theme of roses?