“Miya-jima Hina Meguri,” an event featuring the exhibition of Hina dolls displayed at the tourist destination, Miyajima, is set to be held again this year.

The “Miyajima Hina Meguri,” where Hina dolls are exhibited at shops and tourist facilities in the tourist destination of Miyajima, will begin on March 16, 2024 (Saturday).

Hina dolls will be displayed at approximately 30 locations, including the tourist spot Daishoin, as well as private homes, shops, and inns on Miyajima Island. During the period, visitors are free to explore and view the dolls at their own pace.

Miyajima is home to luxurious Hina dolls from the Edo and Meiji periods, and there are facilities that exhibit precious Hina dolls handed down from ancient times.

As a sponsored event during this period, there will be opportunities for visitors to easily wear Heian-era costumes for commemorative photoshoots, and concerts will also be held at venues such as the Etto Miyajima Exchange Center.

The Miyajima Hina Meguri will continue until April 3 (Wednesday). Locations where Hina dolls are displayed will be marked with pink banners as a guide.