Introducing a New Companion for Miyajima Sightseeing: Popular Shop “Iwamura Momijiya” Releases New Frappe Using Momiji Manju Bean Paste

From the long-established Momiji manju (maple leaf-shaped sweet buns) shop, “Iwamura Momiji-ya,” located in the tourist destination of Miyajima, a new drink called “Wafurappe” made with homemade sweet bean paste has been released.

Momiji manju from Iwamura Momiji-ya

There are about 20 shops in Miyajima that sell the classic souvenir Momiji manju, but among them, the Momiji manju from Iwamura Momiji-ya is extremely popular. The reason for its popularity lies in its homemade sweet bean paste. Using the finest azuki beans of the year and white granulated sugar (zara-me), the paste is cooked for 6 to 8 hours before being used in the manju. It offers a rich sweetness and flavor that becomes addictive.

New product: “Wafurappe”

This is a fluffy sweet drink made from the secret recipe of Momiji manju, passed down for 120 years, combining handmade sweet bean paste with frappe. It is a new product finished with a Japanese taste using soy milk and condensed milk. When visiting Miyajima, why not take a stroll with a Wafurappe in hand?