The cherry blossoms in the Peace Memorial Park have come into full bloom. Let me introduce you to some cherry blossom spots within the park

The cherry blossoms at the Peace Memorial Park, a tourist spot in Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, have reached full bloom, marking the arrival of the beautiful cherry blossom viewing season.

[Cherry Blossom Trees Along the Motoyasu River]
Along the Motoyasu River, cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, attracting people taking photos and flower-viewing visitors, creating a lively atmosphere. You can see people enjoying bento lunches under the cherry trees and children enjoying SUP on the Motoyasu River.

Many tourists from abroad also gather here, enjoying the cherry blossoms along with visiting the Peace Memorial Park.

[Opposite Side of the Atomic Bomb Dome]
Cherry blossoms on the opposite side of the Atomic Bomb Dome are also in full bloom, and many tourists are capturing both the beautiful cherry blossoms and the Atomic Bomb Dome in their photographs.

[Around the Hiroshima Monument]
Cherry blossoms are also blooming beautifully around the Hiroshima Monument, and the benches set up there are being used as resting spots. Doves and wild birds gather under the cherry trees, showing the coexistence of nature and history in the Peace Memorial Park.

The line of boats heading from the Peace Memorial Park to Miyajima has become even longer than usual since the cherry blossoms began to bloom, as many tourists come to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

[Sightseeing Boats]
Spring sightseeing boats are extremely popular, with fully booked cruises continuing. The cherry blossoms in full bloom, viewed from the surface of the river, are magnificent and enchant many tourists.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery before the cherry blossoms fall.