Enjoying Hiroshima Local Sake at Hiroshima Castle’s Ninomaru: A Warm Sake Festival Featuring 22 Breweries

On March 20, 2024 (Wednesday, public holiday), the “5th Kanzake Festival 2024” will be held at the Ninomaru of Hiroshima Castle, a popular tourist spot in Hiroshima City.

Kan-zake: A Tradition of Warmed Sake

Kan-zake is a traditional way of enjoying Japanese sake by warming it before consumption. This method varies depending on the climate and season in Japan, often being favored during colder periods.

Kan-zake is deeply intertwined with Japanese culture and customs, allowing enthusiasts to savor the diverse expressions of sake by enjoying it at different temperatures.

This event offers a delightful pairing of local sake and gourmet from Hiroshima. In its 5th edition this year, a record number of 22 sake breweries from Hiroshima Prefecture will gather to provide a variety of local sakes.

How to enjoy the Kanzake Festival:

Purchase tickets at Sanmall, Yamatoya Sake Store, or Hiroshima Credo Paseela 3F [sofaHIROSHIMA]. On the day of the event, use the tickets to purchase sake. With advance tickets, you can buy 2,400 yen worth of sake tickets for 2,000 yen. Online tickets are also available on the Kanzake Festival official website.

In addition to Japanese sake, there will be a variety of gourmet booths offering food that pairs well with alcohol and other beverages.

A performance stage will be set up at the venue, featuring street performances and stage events such as traditional Japanese shamisen playing. Pairing kanzake (warmed sake) and cold sake with gourmet food, this event allows you to savor the delicious flavors of Hiroshima.