Reenactment of Feudal Lord Procession from the Edo Period and Enjoyment of Rifle Squad Demonstrations and Boat Tours on the Scenic Kintaikyo Bridge: A Festival to Enjoy During Golden Week

The 46th Kintai Bridge Festival will be held on April 29, 2024 (Monday, National Holiday) in the tourist attraction of Kintaikyo and its surroundings in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Highlights of the Festival

At Kintai Bridge, various costume processions such as the feudal lord’s procession reenacting the daimyo’s procession during the Edo period and the procession of commoners will parade across the bridge, recreating the splendid atmosphere of that time.

On the banks of the Nishiki River, vigorous events such as the demonstration of the Iwakuni Domain’s gunnery unit and performances by the Iwakuni drums will be held.

Spring sightseeing boats will also operate on the Nishiki River, offering a valuable experience to enjoy the festival atmosphere and the spring flowers from the river surface in conjunction with Kintai Bridge.

At Yoshika Park, booths selling local gourmet food and specialty products will line up, creating a lively atmosphere. Festival participants can enjoy local flavors and handicrafts.

Access Information

Due to traffic restrictions on the day, surrounding roads near Kintai Bridge are expected to be congested. Approximately 1,000 parking spaces will be available in the lower riverside area near the venue, but the use of public transportation such as buses is also recommended.
To enjoy the event comfortably and avoid congestion, it is advisable to check the traffic restriction information in advance and plan your visit accordingly.