Nishikido, famous for its Hiroshima souvenir ‘Nama Momiji,’ releases new Carp collaboration steamed buns

From Nishikidou, known for producing and selling Momiji Manju and fresh Momiji, iconic Hiroshima souvenirs, comes a new release in collaboration with the Hiroshima Carp: “Shouri no Carp Manju.”

“Shouri no Carp Manju” features premium strawberries “Amaou” exclusively sourced from Fukuoka Prefecture, used at 100%. Encased in a castella sponge cake, the vibrant red strawberry jelly allows you to fully savor its flavor and deliciousness. The juicy jelly, akin to fresh fruit, gently spreads in your mouth, harmonizing perfectly with the rich sweetness and subtle acidity of the Amaou strawberries, achieving a remarkable balance with the carefully baked castella sponge.

“Retro Cute” Packaging

The package is designed with the team’s colors of red and the navy blue of the team flag in mind, exuding a retro and nostalgic atmosphere. After enjoying the treat, the package can be displayed as an adorable decoration, offering both enjoyment of taste and design.

Four Types of Branding

“Shouri no Carp Manju” comes with four types of branding symbolizing the Carp: the team logo, the visitor uniform logo, Carp Boy, and Sluggerrr’s design. The branding on each manju is a surprise until opened. Each box contains five manju, with the designs arranged randomly. As the branding is randomized, it’s possible that not all four types will be found in one box.

Special Can Badge as a Limited Bonus

As a special collaboration bonus between Nishikidou and the Hiroshima Carp, a special can badge with a design exclusive to this collaboration is provided. Attach it to your hat or bag during game-watching to act as a Carp support item. There are five different designs to anticipate, each expressing the passionate feelings unique to Carp fans.