A variety of anpan (sweet bean-filled buns) from both inside and outside Hiroshima Prefecture! Over 30 shops will gather for the [Anpan Park] Gate Park event

The event “29th Anpan Park,” where over 30 stores from both inside and outside the Hiroshima prefecture gather to enjoy “anpan” (sweet red bean paste-filled bread), will be held at “Hiroshima Gate Park” from March 13th (Wednesday) for five days, starting in 2024.

While events featuring various sweets and bread can be found in different locations, an event specifically focusing on anpan is quite a unique concept. It has gained popularity in Hiroshima, previously being held in front of Parco, and this edition marks the 29th occurrence of this noteworthy event.

Participating stores include bakeries from various locations in Hiroshima City, as well as from Yamaguchi Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyoto City, Saitama Prefecture, and more.

Exclusive products that can only be enjoyed here will also be available. Admission is free, and the event will take place from 10:00 to 17:00.