The central areas of Hiroshima City will serve as venues for a market, gourmet food, and experiential events in the “CITY SCAPE!” festival at eight locations.

The event “CITY SCAPE!” featuring various activities will be held on both days, March 9th (Saturday) and 10th (Sunday), with eight venues set up in front of Hiroshima Station and throughout the city center.

Under the theme “The entire city center as a venue!” each location will offer gourmet booths, markets, workshops, and other activities for enjoyment.

Events that are not typically experienced in the city, such as a bonfire gathering on the embankment on the west side of Hiroshima Gate Park, are also planned.

Alice’s Garden will host live performances, and KIRO Hiroshima Hotel will feature an art café, providing a two-day opportunity to experience a variety of entertainment genres.