Popular for its luxurious prizes, Daisho-in’s bean throwing festival also features Miss Miyajima

The Daisho-in Temple, a popular tourist destination in Miyajima, will hold a “Setsubun Grand Ceremony and Fukumame Maki” on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

The Daisho-in Temple’s Fukumame Maki is a popular event every year for its chance to win luxurious prizes.

Inside the Fukumame, which is scattered from the Kannon-do Hall, there may be a lottery ticket with a prize inside.

Last year’s first-place and special prizes included luxury items such as folding bicycles and toasters. Participants scramble to catch the Fukumame.

In addition to the Fukumame, there are many other prizes, such as the famous momiji manju, a type of Japanese sweet. The prize exchange booth is often crowded after the Fukumame Maki.

The Fukumame Maki is also attended by that year’s Miyajima Tourism Goodwill Ambassador (Miss Miyajima), adding a touch of glamour.

The Fukumame Maki at Daisho-in Temple is a lively event. It will be exciting to see what luxurious prizes will be offered this year.