The rooftop beer garden at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima will start from April 26th, and early bird tickets are also available for a great deal

The “ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima,” located along Peace Boulevard in Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, will host a limited-time rooftop beer garden called “American BBQ & Beer Garden” on the hotel’s rooftop at a height of 85 meters, starting from Friday, April 26, 2024. This popular beer garden, where you can enjoy beer and barbecue while enjoying the panoramic view of downtown Hiroshima, is used by many people every year.

This year’s menu includes all-you-can-eat barbecues such as beef kalbi and pork belly, as well as flavorful garlic shrimp and a hearty MIX grill brochette. The drink lineup is also extensive, with three types of craft beer being recommended. The selection includes Brooklyn Lager with a malty bitterness and hoppy aroma, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace with a refreshing aroma and lingering finish, and Spring Valley After Dark, a black beer with a clear taste and a roasted aroma that beer lovers will find irresistible. In addition to alcoholic drinks such as draft beer, highballs, sparkling wine, cocktails, and chu-hi, non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Discounted early-bird tickets until the end of June
Until the end of June, early-bird tickets are available for a discount of 1000 yen when purchasing tickets for the “American BBQ & Beer Garden.” This service, which can be used at any time during the beer garden period, is a great benefit for those planning to visit. Get your tickets early and enjoy a delightful time on the hotel rooftop.