An event featuring dance, music, and flower workshops will be held at the Square in Shareo

On May 11th (Saturday) and 12th (Sunday), “Nakachan Ongaku no Wa [Hana-Oto in Shaleo]” will be held at Kamiyacho Swing and Nishihiroba in Shaleo, an underground shopping area in Naka Ward, Hiroshima City.

This event, themed around flowers and music, features a music event on the 11th (Saturday) and a dance performance on the 12th (Sunday) at Shaleo’s Nishihiroba.

At Kamiyacho Swing, a market will be held offering workshops and gourmet sweets centered around flowers. Balloons and origami made at the workshops, along with freshly cut flowers imported directly from Etajima City, make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.

Joining the event with your mother is sure to bring joy. The event will be enlivened by the presence of Nakachan, the mascot character of Naka Ward, who will be visiting the venue to entertain attendees.