Aoi Teshima will perform a support song and other events at the “Rose Expo Pre-Event,” held concurrently with the Fukuyama Rose Festival, one year before the Rose Expo.

The pre-event for the Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025, a rose exposition to be held in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture in May 2025, will take place on May 18th (Saturday) and 19th (Sunday), 2024, at the Fukuyama Tsuun Un Rose Arena in Midorimachi Park.

About Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025

In the city of roses, Fukuyama, the “20th World Rose Conference Fukuyama 2025” will be held from Sunday, May 18th to Saturday, May 24th, 2025. Approximately 700 people from various countries will gather for the international rose conference, which is held every three years. Fukuyama, which has embraced the concept of “Rose Mind,” has been chosen as the host city. Along with this conference, the Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025 will be held.

Debut Performance of the Tournament Support Song by Aoi Teshima

Aoi Teshima, who has been serving as the “Fukuyama City Ambassador for One Million Roses” since May 2017, will take the stage at the venue to debut the tournament support song “Happy Rose” to further liven up the World Rose Conference Fukuyama 2025.

Other highlights of the event

The Rose Arena will be decorated with a glamorous rose-themed projection mapping and a classical rose aroma called Damask Classic. Upon entering the venue, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking world of beautiful roses spread out across the entire space through the impressive projection mapping.

Additionally, various programs have been prepared, including talk shows by celebrity Sahel Rose and presentations showcasing Fukuyama’s culture, such as performances by Fukuyama’s koto and demonstrations of denim dresses.

On both days of the event, the “57th Fukuyama Rose Festival 2024” will also be held throughout the central area of Fukuyama, including Midorimachi Park, creating excitement around the theme of roses as Fukuyama prepares for the World Rose Conference one year later.