The electric kick scooter sharing service [LUUP] has over 150 ports in Hiroshima City

The electric micro-mobility sharing service “LUUP” has introduced ports at 21 public locations in Hiroshima City, surpassing 150 ports across the city.

In the Hiroshima area, service provision started in July 2023, and LUUP has been utilized as a means of transportation for various purposes such as commuting, shopping, tourism, and outings.

With the increase in hubs for movement, accessing places slightly farther away becomes easier with LUUP, enhancing people’s convenience and enriching their lives, akin to being near a “station.”

LUUP has been recognized as a daily means of transportation complementing public transit in Hiroshima City and has been introduced to 21 public locations in the city through Hiroshima’s registration system aimed at promoting tourism and revitalizing the community. The number of LUUP ports in the Hiroshima area has now exceeded 150. It is available for short-distance travel in the vicinity, including for commuters and residents in the city, as well as tourists, aiming to expand the city’s circulation and further revitalize the area.

“LUUP” Service Overview
A sharing service for electric kick scooters and electric assist bicycles
Users can ride electric kick scooters and electric assist bicycles using the smartphone app “LUUP,” allowing for movement between ports throughout the city.
Usage Fees
Ride basic fee: 50 yen (including tax) + 15 yen/minute (including tax)
Conditions for Using Electric Kick Scooters
Through the app:

Registration of age verification documents
Consecutive perfect scores on a traffic rules test
These are the conditions for using electric kick scooters.