The beautiful azalea flowers blooming in the temple grounds are a sight to behold. This is the ‘Anrakuji Azalea Festival,’ a Golden Week event

At Anrakuji Temple in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the “Anrakuji Satsuki Festival” will be held on both May 3rd (Friday) and May 4th (Saturday), 2024.

The Satsuki Festival is an annual event held during the Golden Week, where visitors can enjoy the sight of approximately 3,000 Satsuki azalea bushes blooming in red, white, and pink colors throughout the temple grounds.

While Satsuki and tsutsuji azaleas bloom in various places across Hiroshima Prefecture from mid-April to mid-May, the scenery of these flowers blooming within the grounds of an old temple on the mountainside, as seen at Anrakuji, is particularly rare and charming. Thus, the Satsuki Festival has been held for decades, attracting local residents and tourists alike. As a result, Anrakuji is affectionately known as the “Satsuki Temple” among locals.

One of the highlights is the staircase leading from the parking lot to the main hall. Lined with meticulously tended Satsuki bushes, it warmly welcomes visitors.

On the first day of the festival, May 3rd (Friday), a tea ceremony will be held just below the main hall, allowing visitors to leisurely enjoy matcha while admiring the blooming Satsuki flowers.

Please note that the road leading to the parking lot at Anrakuji is somewhat narrow, so please drive carefully when visiting.