Access Information for the earliest fireworks display in Fukuyama, “Tomonoura Bentenjima Fireworks Festival”: Be mindful of closed parking lots

On May 25th, 2024 (Saturday), the Fukuyama Tomonoura Bentenjima Fireworks Festival will be held on Benten Island, a popular tourist spot in Tomonoura, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Before the fireworks display, the traditional Tomonoura performing art “Aiyabushi” will be performed as usual for the opening, starting from 7:00 PM. Following that, at 7:30 PM, approximately 2,000 fireworks are scheduled to be launched towards the night sky from Benten Island.

Parking and Shuttle Bus Information:

The fireworks festival, where the reflection of fireworks on the Seto Inland Sea and the view of Benten Island create a beautiful spectacle, attracts a large crowd every year. Consequently, parking lots around the venue will be closed to avoid congestion, and temporary parking lots will be set up in slightly more distant locations, along with shuttle bus services.

The parking lots to be closed are the nearby [Tomonoura First Parking Lot] and [Tomonoura Second Parking Lot].

Temporary parking lots will be available at the Tekko Grounds and the former Tomo Junior High School for a fee of ¥2,000, while free parking will be provided at the former Tohara Elementary School and Miroku-no-Sato.

Shuttle buses will operate from the former Notohara Elementary School and Miroku-no-Sato parking lots, transporting visitors to and from [Taisho-no-Sato Lower] and [Taisho-no-Sato Upper] for ¥1,000 round trip. Please note that parking spaces at each location are limited, and once full, parking will not be available, so caution is advised.

Additionally, on the day of the event, the “Tomotetsu Bus” will operate from the south exit of Fukuyama Station, but during traffic regulations, it will only run up to Tomo Depot.

It is expected that the surrounding area will be congested and traffic will be heavy for about two hours before and after the fireworks festival. It is recommended to leave with plenty of time to spare when heading to the venue.