The fully bloomed cherry blossoms, which color Hiroshima’s spring, attract crowds of cherry blossom viewers at the Moto-machi River Park

At Moto-machi Riverside Park along the Motoyasu River in Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, fully bloomed cherry blossoms are coloring the area, bustling with cherry blossom viewers.

Stretching along the riverside of Moto-machi in the north of the Peace Memorial Park is a beautiful cherry blossom avenue, serving as a relaxing spot for citizens. In open spaces, many cherry blossom viewers gather, spreading out barbecues and leisure sheets, enjoying leisurely moments under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms.

Some groups bring ukuleles and practice playing them while enjoying cherry blossom viewing with their friends. The cheers and conversations of cherry blossom viewers resonate throughout the area, harmonizing with the sound of ukuleles.

Beyond the cherry blossom avenue, you can see the recently opened “Edion Peace Wing Hiroshima,” which opened just in February. The impressive stadium stands in contrast with the elegant cherry blossoms, creating a striking landscape.

On the Motoyasu River, sightseeing boats depart from the pier near the Atomic Bomb Dome, passing by right in front of you. You can see cherry blossom viewers enjoying the tranquil scenery aboard these boats.

With the arrival of spring, let’s immerse ourselves in the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms and enjoy the moment.