A fiery feast of gourmet delights! The All Meat Festival heats up the venue with a flame show by “Genka”

The gourmet event “1st All Meat Festival in Hiroshima” was held at Hiroshima Gate Park Plaza on April 6, 2024 (Saturday), and the captivating performance by “Genka” illuminated by light and flame lit up the venue.

The All Meat Festival started during the day, and as night fell, more visitors gathered, and the illuminated booths added to the excitement.

The performance by “Genka” began in the space in front of the stage after 6:00 PM, starting the show with astonishing performances of eating fire.

Subsequently, mesmerizing the audience with skillfully manipulating flames in one act after another.

Audiences were both amazed and worried, with exclamations of “Amazing!” and concerns like “Is his hair catching fire?” and “Wow, it looks hot!” echoing through the crowd, all while being overwhelmed by the powerful performance.

Finally, as swords engulfed in flames danced and huge pillars of fire rose, the audience cheered enthusiastically, witnessing the stage to the very end.