The tranquility and beauty after the rain, with the full-bloom cherry blossoms adorning the arrival of spring at Hijiyama Park

The cherry blossoms at Hiroshima’s famous spot, Hijiyama Park in Naka-ku, have reached their full bloom, and the petals are fluttering in the air.

On the day the author visited, there was a light rain in the morning, which resulted in fewer cherry blossom viewers, creating a quiet atmosphere.

In the afternoon after the rain stopped, the park echoed with the chirping of birds, and raindrops turned into droplets on the cherry blossoms, showcasing their delicate beauty as they bloomed proudly despite the rain.

While showing signs of turning into leafy trees, they are still producing beautiful cherry blossoms. Under the trees, light pink petals scattered and spread, signaling the end of the peak season.

From the Peace Message Square, completed last June, visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms against the backdrop of Hiroshima’s cityscape.

In the cherry blossom square, some of the flowers had fallen due to the morning rain, but still, the fully bloomed cherry blossoms were splendid.

Visitors to the square were enjoying cherry blossom viewing even after the rain, spreading out sheets and spending leisurely moments.

While cherry blossom spots in Hijiyama Park are scattered, there were also people seen enjoying the beautiful spring scenery while walking or strolling.