At the timing of full cherry blossom bloom, a thousand fireworks will be launched: ‘Shiraryuko Lake Fireworks in Daiwa

On April 6th, 2024 (Saturday), the 10th annual “Hakuryuko Fireworks in Daiwa” event will be held at the Hakuryuko Sports Village Park in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

The fireworks at Hakuryuko Lake are held annually as the “earliest fireworks display” in Hiroshima. Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus, the event has been canceled or scaled down for the past four years, but this year, approximately 1000 fireworks will be launched in the usual scale.

The highlight of the Hakuryuko fireworks is undoubtedly the collaboration between cherry blossoms and fireworks. At night, cherry blossom illumination will be held from sunset until 9 p.m., allowing visitors to enjoy the nighttime cherry blossoms along with the fireworks. The predicted date for the full bloom of cherry blossoms along the lakeside of Hakuryuko is April 6th this year, making it a spectacular event where 1000 cherry blossoms and 1000 fireworks bloom simultaneously.

Although the fireworks will start at 7 p.m., there will also be gourmet booths set up at the venue from daytime, making it a recommended outing spot where visitors can enjoy strolling and exploring.