The Kaguya-hime Parade, popular ‘Takehara Bamboo Festival,’ to be held during Golden Week. This year, it will be condensed to just one day

In the Takehara Machinami Preservation District in Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the 33rd Takehara Bamboo Festival will be held on May 3, 2024 (Friday).

This annual event, usually held over two days during the Golden Week period, will be condensed into one day this year.

During the Bamboo Festival, booths selling gourmet food, goods, and other items will line the streets of the preserved district, creating a lively atmosphere. There will also be workshops and experiential activities related to bamboo.

While this year’s event details have not yet been announced, one of the highlights of previous years is the “Kaguya-hime Parade,” where a tourism assistant from Takehara City dresses up as “Princess Kaguya” in a kimono and parades through the main street along with a procession. There will be a photo session as well. During the festival, there will also be a special event where Princess Kaguya serves bamboo sake, believed to ward off illness, made with local sake, which is also popular among attendees.

While Takehara usually exudes a calm atmosphere as the “Little Kyoto of Aki,” during the Bamboo Festival, it transforms into a bustling and lively day.