Hattendo Cream Pan Mother’s Day 2024 Gift Reservations Open! Limited Edition Items Available

Cream bread, famous for its headquarters in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and known as “Hattendo,” has started accepting reservations for Mother’s Day gifts in 2024.

The 2024 Mother’s Day gift set reservation has commenced on the Hattendo online shop. This year’s lineup includes cream bread with the engraved message “Thank you” to express gratitude. Additionally, making its online shop debut is the “Ice Cream-Like Cream Bread Chocolate and Amaou Strawberry,” along with other sweet and gentle dessert bread options.

Gift box sets featuring a combination of cream bread and fragrant Earl Grey tea are available, along with sets that include charming flower lollipops. The gift contents are designed to overflow with the smiles of the mothers who receive them.

Furthermore, for those opting for early shipment without specifying a date, there is an early bird discount available for the Mother’s Day gift set, providing a cost-effective purchase option.