Foam Roller Rental at LAZULI Hiroshima: Refresh and Rejuvenate During Your Travels

The hotel “LAZULI Hiroshima Hotel & Lounge (LAZULI Hiroshima)” located in the Minami Ward of Hiroshima City has initiated a service of lending foam rollers to its guests. This service aims to effectively refresh travelers’ fatigue during their journey and provide support for both mental and physical relaxation.

Foam rollers are beneficial in releasing muscle tension and promoting blood circulation. They are effective for recovering from travel fatigue and post-exercise exhaustion. Additionally, they can be used for stretching and fascia release, enhancing body flexibility, and reducing joint pain.

The rental fee for the foam roller, along with a yoga mat, is 1,000 yen. Users will be provided with a usage guide leaflet supervised by Hiroyuki Arata, a former physiotherapist who currently works as a foam roller evangelist. Furthermore, sharing the service on social media allows users to avail themselves of the equipment at a discounted rate of 500 yen.