The annual Ice Festival at Lake Shinryu in Taishaku-kyo has been decided and will be held again this year

At Taishakukyo Shinryu Lake in Jinzekikogen Town, Hiroshima Prefecture, the “56th Taishakukyo Kosui Festival” will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2024.

Taishakukyo, located in the northeastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, is one of the popular tourist spots in the region. Every year around the start of Golden Week, the Kosui Festival is held at Shinryu Lake, attracting numerous tourists.

On the day of the festival, special boat rides on the sightseeing boats of Shinryu Lake will be available at discounted rates. Additionally, there will be family-friendly activities such as kayaking and a treasure hunt in Taishakukyo, providing a variety of entertainment.

The event will be hosted by Natsuna Kubota, well-known as “Hiroshima Manten Mama.” The Trail Center in front of Shinryu Lake, serving as the venue, will host stage events to liven up the atmosphere.

Numerous gourmet booths will be set up, featuring a variety of foods including locally renowned dishes such as beef bowl using Hiroshima’s famous wagyu and Jinseki beef.

Taishakukyo celebrated its 100th anniversary as a designated national scenic spot last year. During the season of fresh greenery, why not consider visiting the Kosui Festival at the beginning of Golden Week?