At the 2024 Japan Sake Awards, Kamozuru ‘SPARKLING SAKE Koju’ was awarded the Grand Gold Prize

At the “Delicious Sake in Wine Glasses Awards 2024,” which aims to promote Japanese sake globally, Kamozuru Brewery’s “SPARKLING SAKE Koju” produced in Saijo, Hiroshima, has been awarded the Grand Gold Prize in the Premium Sparkling Sake category.

This marks the 14th year of the Japanese Sake Awards. The results announced on February 26 revealed a total of 55 Grand Gold Prizes and 267 Gold Prizes across six categories, selected from 260 companies and 1,038 entries. In addition to the Grand Gold Prize for “SPARKLING SAKE Koju,” Kamozuru Brewery also received a Gold Prize for “Daiginjo Sokaku Kamozuru” in the Premium Daiginjo category and for “Syutyuzaishin Daidai Junmai Ginjo Namazume Hattan Sanjuugo” in the Premium Junmai category.

The awarded “SPARKLING SAKE Koju” is an exceptional product made by polishing Hiroshima-grown Yamada Nishiki rice to a milling rate of 28%. It undergoes consistent low-temperature processing from brewing to secondary fermentation in the bottle, capturing the richness of the rice while eliminating any unwanted flavors to achieve a sparkling bottle-fermented Junmai sake with a fruity aroma and refreshing acidity. Its fine and delicate bubbles are a distinctive feature.

The award ceremony for the Grand Gold Prize is scheduled to take place on April 10th (Wednesday) at the Akihabara UDX Gallery in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.