The “Fujimatsuri” at Sera Farm has been suddenly rescheduled to two days earlier and will be held in response to the early blooming of the wisteria flowers, prompting an early opening

In the flower farm “Sera Fuji-en” located in Sera Town, Hiroshima Prefecture, the blooming of wisteria flowers arrived earlier than expected, prompting the opening of the garden two days ahead of schedule, starting from April 25, 2024 (Thursday), and launching the “Fuji Matsuri” (Wisteria Festival).

At Sera Fuji-en, approximately 1,000 wisteria flowers and 12,000 lupines bloom magnificently across a 30,000 square meter area, offering breathtaking views enveloped in wisteria hues.

Lupines, also known as “rising wisteria,” are currently in bloom, allowing visitors to enjoy them from the early opening on April 25. On the other hand, the wisteria flowers are in the beginning stages of blooming and are expected to reach full bloom around the latter half of Golden Week.

New Area – Murasaki Shikibu Garden

This year, marking its 45th anniversary, Sera Fuji-en has unveiled the new “Murasaki Shikibu Garden” to commemorate the milestone. In this area, plants featured in classical literature are gathered, boasting blooms of purple, white, and pink flowers. The best viewing period for Murasaki Shikibu Garden is scheduled to begin after Golden Week.

Wisteria Flower Illumination

During the peak viewing period of wisteria and lupines from May 2 (Thursday) to May 6 (Monday, public holiday), illumination will be conducted. The lighting time is from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. This event offers a recommended opportunity to enjoy the fantastical scenery of purple flowers shining at night.

During the Fuji Matsuri period, several other areas will be introduced as photo spots. Additionally, limited-time items such as “Wisteria Dorayaki” and original goods will be available for purchase.

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of wisteria flowers at this flower festival, perfect for outings during this comfortable season. Why not enjoy a moment at Sera Fuji-en, adding color to your spring?