Olympic athletes including Ayako Kimura confirmed to participate in ‘Track and Field on the Streets’ at the Flower Festival

The “47th Hiroshima Flower Festival” will be held during Golden Week (a series of consecutive national holidays) at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Peace Boulevard, and it has been announced that the “Street Track and Field Athletics” will once again be featured.

The participants include top athletes from Japan, such as those who have competed in short-distance track events at the Olympics and athletes who have represented Japan in trampoline world championships. Ayako Kimura, who competed in events like the women’s 100m hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics, will be performing again this year, following her performance last year.

Additionally, various other activities are planned, including demonstrations of pole vaulting by top athletes from Hiroshima Prefecture, and a 50m dash and experience sessions by top-ranking elementary school students in the prefecture.

The “Street Track and Field Athletics” event will take place on Saturday, May 4th, from 2:00 PM at the specially set up track lane on Peace Boulevard in front of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.