The highly popular Golden Week event, the Japan-U.S. Friendship Air Show “Friendship Day 2024,” will unveil its exciting lineup on April 12th

In Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, at the United States Marine Corps Iwakuni Base, the “45th Iwakuni Air Base Friendship Day 2024” will be held on Sunday, May 5th, 2024.

The Friendship Day, where aircraft roar at high speed with thunderous noise in front of you and perform acrobatic shows, is an immensely popular Golden Week event, primarily attracting families with children every year. The joint Japan-US aviation show by the Maritime Self-Defense Force of Japan and the United States Marine Corps pilots offers an exciting and highly valuable experience.

Regarding the anticipated content of the show, on April 12th, 10 a.m., the Public Affairs Office of the United States Marine Corps Iwakuni Base will visit Iwakuni City Hall to hold a press briefing about the event’s details and program, in which both Japanese and American sides will participate.

If the content follows the usual pattern, visitors will be able to closely observe aircraft and military vehicles exhibited on the base premises, while various aerobatic aviation shows featuring different aircraft will unfold in the sky.

Last year, the Blue Impulse aerobatic team performed, flying in impeccable formation, delivering surprises and awe to the attendees. I believe many are eagerly anticipating this year’s event as well. Let’s first await the press briefing for further details.