New Release: “Shimanami Hoppin’ Lager” from Onomichi’s Shimanami Brewery.

From the craft brewery “Shimanami Brewery” in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, a new product, the “Shimanami Hoppin Lager,” has been released.

Premium Shimanami Hoppin Lager

This exceptional beer is brewed using 100% malt imported from Germany, allowing enthusiasts to savor the full flavor of malt alongside a robust hop character. The beer features a “fragrant hop aroma” that wafts through the nose, offering a satisfyingly smooth and gulpable experience characteristic of bottom-fermented lager beer. The taste is crisp and refreshing.

The label creatively expresses the Shimanami Kaido (Shimanami Sea Route) and the hop character, capturing the invigorating scent of hops that spreads through the nasal cavity.

Product Name
Shimanami Hoppin Lager
Alcohol Content
Malt (manufactured in Germany), Hops, Irish Moss
Malt Usage: 90% or more
Shelf Life
4 months
Release Date
March 5, 2024