Beautiful “Artistic Goshuin” Paper Cut Seal Available at Daishoin Temple on Miyajima Island Limited to Spring

Starting from March 9, 2024 (Saturday), the sale of spring-themed paper cut seals, known as “Goshuin,” has commenced at Daishoin Temple located in the popular tourist destination, Miyajima.

These artistic Goshuin feature intricate paper cut designs that delight the beholder. The spring-limited paper cut seal, now available for purchase, is a delicate creation adorned with butterflies and cherry blossoms.

Set against a pink base, the design is enhanced with gold foil accents, resulting in a beautiful and distinctly spring-like aesthetic.

Daishoin Temple has a history of creating numerous paper cut seals, which are available for purchase at Goshuin offices and amulet stations. The spring paper cut seals are limited in quantity and will be discontinued once sold out.