The “Zen-Niku Matsuri” is the ultimate gourmet event for meat lovers, gathering specialty meat restaurants carefully selected from all over Japan. This time, it will make its first landing in Hiroshima City and will be held at Hiroshima Gate Park

The “Zen-Niku Matsuri,” an event celebrating meat dishes held across various locations in Western Japan, will take place on both April 6 (Saturday) and April 7 (Sunday) at the Hiroshima Gate Park Plaza.

Last year in April, the Zen-Niku Matsuri was held for the first time in Fukuyama City, marking the inaugural event in Hiroshima Prefecture, attracting a lively crowd of visitors. After a year, the festival will now make its debut in Hiroshima City.

With approximately 50 meat gourmet booths, the organizers aim to offer a total menu of around 200 items, drawing participants from all over the country.

The event will feature the well-known fire performance group “Genka,” entertaining visitors, and a special guest appearance by MEGAHORN from MEGARYU, scheduled to perform four times over the two days.

In addition to the meat-centric offerings, there will be a carnival section with large-scale inflatable rides, shooting ranges, and a superball scooping game, providing a family-friendly gourmet event for everyone to enjoy.