Hiroshima-born! A must-see for cat lovers! The “Cat-shaped Body Brush” receives a prestigious award at the gift show.

The “Cat-shaped Body Brush,” a fusion of Fuchu Furniture from Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and the traditional craftsmanship of Kumano Brushes from Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, received the prestigious grand prize in the “Gift Goods Contest that Captures Women’s Hearts” at the 97th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2024.

■ Irresistible for Cat Lovers! Adorable Design and Pleasant Usage

The charming design resembling a cat’s paw is filled with an irresistible allure, making it a brush that one can’t help but pick up. Crafted using the soft-touch Kumano Brushes, it allows for a gentle massage even in hard-to-reach areas like the back and legs.

■ Innovative Item Combining Traditional Techniques and Modern Needs

The fusion of Fuchu Furniture’s long-established techniques and Kumano Brushes’ delicate brush-making skills brings forth a unique comfort and design not found in conventional body brushes.

■ Ideal for Gifts! Attracts Attention from a Wide Range of Audiences

The “Cat-shaped Body Brush,” with a blend of practicality and cuteness, is perfect not only as a self-reward but also as a gift for loved ones.

■ Future Developments

Currently, new versions like the black cat and white cat are under development. Anticipate more innovative products resulting from the collaboration between Fuchu Furniture and Kumano Brushes in the future.