Savor a delightful lunch with a dessert buffet created by our talented pastry chefs at Oriental Hotel Hiroshima

Starting from March 5, 2024 (Tuesday), the “Lunch with Dessert Buffet 2024 Spring” will be offered at the New York Cafe located on the first floor of the Oriental Hotel Hiroshima in the bustling downtown area of Chuo Ward, Hiroshima City.

The hors d’oeuvres include a selection of five dishes featuring seasonal ingredients such as marinated spring cabbage, roasted bamboo shoots, and clam chowder. For the main course, guests can choose one from four options, including roasted Hiroshima red chicken and grilled tilefish with scales.

The dessert section offers a dessert buffet where patrons can enjoy up to 10 specially crafted sweets by the pastry chef. Additionally, there is a special dessert limited to one per person, called “Strawberry Chiboust,” enhancing the experience of savoring both delicious dishes and sweets in one lunch.