Joint Sake Brewery Opening Event to be Held Again This Year at 10 Breweries, Including Sake-Producing Nishijo

The joint brewery opening event, centered around the sake district of Saijo in East Hiroshima City, involving 10 sake breweries, will be held every Saturday in April 2024.

Last year, approximately 16,000 people visited this inaugural joint brewery opening event during its duration, enjoying a tour of Hiroshima’s local sake. This year, each brewery is planning to offer sales of limited edition sake and brewery tours during the opening event.

Additionally, there are plans for stamp rallies, guided tours of the Saijo Sake Brewery Street, and family-friendly content as part of student initiatives, making it an event suitable for families to enjoy together.

Participating breweries include seven in the Saijo area such as Kamoizumi Sake Brewing and Kamenoie Sake Brewing, as well as Imada Sake Brewing and Tsunekame Sake Brewing in Akitu, and Kinpokuzake Sake Brewing in Kurose.