Hitaru Ishibashi-tei: A Secluded Guesthouse in Hiroshima Prefecture with a Weekday Group Discount

The single-rental accommodation facility “hitaru Ishibashi Residence” in OAsa, Kitahiroshima-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture, has started selling a special group discount plan with a 20% OFF on weekday accommodation rates.

About hitaru Ishibashi Residence:
A single-rental guesthouse conceptually designed for a leisurely time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. That’s “hitaru Ishibashi Residence.”
Accommodating up to 12 people, it’s perfect for graduation trips, group outings, girls’ trips, boys’ trips, and more, allowing everyone to have a lively and enjoyable experience. You can enjoy activities like bonfires and stargazing, which are not commonly seen in the city.

A 200-year-old traditional Japanese house:
Located approximately one hour by car from Hiroshima city, hitaru Ishibashi Residence is a renovated building of a 200-year-old residence belonging to a swordsmith.

Spacious kitchen and dining area:
Equipped with cooking utensils and tableware, you can enjoy group cooking and meals together. You also have the option to invite a professional chef for a luxurious and delicious dining experience.

Outdoor deck with a bonfire option:
The outdoor deck extending from the dining area is equipped with outdoor chairs and a bonfire pit with firewood, allowing you to enjoy a bonfire.

Convenient for groups! Three bedrooms:
There are three bedrooms with cozy beds, providing a comfortable and moderately private space for group stays.