JFE West Japan Festival in Fukuyama” offers a rare opportunity for factory tours, with numerous celebrities scheduled to make appearances

The “JFE West Japan Festival in Fukuyama” will be held at the JFE Steel Western Japan Works in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, on Sunday, May 12, 2024.

Packed with Popular Content for Children

The festival, which JFE West Japan holds annually to deepen its ties with the community, mainly features factory tours targeting children. Two tour courses, the “Hot Rolling Mill Course” and the “Shaped Steel Mill Course,” are available for elementary school students and above.

Multiple event squares are set up on the premises, offering a variety of activities for children such as quiz rallies and toy making in the Fluffy Dome. The Doraemon show, which is free to watch, will be held twice a day.

Many Popular Talents to Appear

On the main stage, the popular dance group “Avangardie” will perform, and the radio program “cartist” hosted by Angaruzu will be broadcast live, with guest appearances by Hitomi Shimatani and Olin. The comedy duo “Cool Poco.” will also take the stage to liven up the venue.

In addition, various events such as gourmet booths and experiential corners are prepared in each event square. Why not visit and enjoy the event, which offers fun for both children and adults?