This year, a collaboration between chicken gourmet and world beer festival will take place at Gate Park during Golden Week

The popular event of “[Gourmet × World Beer]” this year is titled “Chicken Fest – Festival of World Beer and Chicken Dishes” and will be held at Hiroshima Gate Park Plaza during the Golden Week period.

What is Gourmet × World Beer Fest?

Previously known as the event “World Beer and Gourmet Stadium,” it was held annually in Hiroshima. After collaborating with a meat festival, last year saw a hugely popular gourmet festival with craft dumplings × world beer, attracting approximately 230,000 visitors. This year, with chicken as the theme, chicken dishes from all over the country, such as fried chicken and yakitori, will gather. At the World Beer Corner, beers from over 10 countries will be available, with over 40 varieties of draft beer, allowing attendees to fully enjoy the combination of gourmet food and beer.

In addition, there will be sweet booth setups and stage events planned. The event will take place from April 26, 2024 (Friday) to May 6, 2024 (Monday).