EXPO including kitchen cars and merchandise to be held at the Asian Triathlon

An EXPO featuring gourmet food and merchandise sales will be held on April 21, 2024 (Sunday) to coincide with the “Asia Triathlon Championships 2024 / Hatsukaichi.”

The Olympic selection triathlon in Hatsukaichi

The Asia Triathlon Championships will be held in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, as a qualifying event for the Paris Olympics in the summer of this year. This will be the third time the event has been held in Hatsukaichi, following previous editions in 2016 and 2021.

EXPO where you can enjoy events while watching

On the day of the tournament, an EXPO will be held at the “Yumetown Hatsukaichi West Parking Lot,” which will serve as the finish line. Visitors can enjoy workshops at food trucks and local product sales booths while watching the triathlon.