The Sakura Festival at Sera Kogen Farm offers free admission on the first day, with nighttime cherry blossom illumination also available

At the Serahara Plateau Farm, where you can enjoy seasonal flowers, the “Sakura Festival” featuring approximately 800 cherry blossoms blooming in the park will begin on March 23, 2024 (Saturday).

The Serahara Plateau Farm boasts cherry blossoms in full bloom, with weeping cherry trees at its center. The park offers numerous view spots such as tree-lined paths blooming alongside snow willows, and cherry blossoms blooming across the entire valley with a vermilion Serenity Bridge. Events like portrait photography sessions are also arranged to coincide with this season, where spring flowers and cherry blossoms can be enjoyed.

Nighttime cherry blossom illuminations are also planned to coincide with the peak blossom period.

Admission fees range from 500 yen to 800 yen depending on the cherry blossom blooming conditions. However, on the first day of the Sakura Festival, March 23 (Saturday), admission will be free to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Serahara Plateau Farm’s founding.

Additionally, at the “Hananari Kitchen” in the park, “Sakura Cream Soda” will be sold, featuring cherry blossom-flavored pink soda topped with a gently flavored sakura ice cream, adding to the culinary delights.

The Sakura Festival at Serahara Plateau Farm, where you can enjoy the spring scenery, will run until April 7, 2024 (Sunday).