Hiroshima’s “Handshake Cafe” Relocates from Orizuru Tower to Miyajima’s “Itsukushima Iroha” Ryokan

Shake Hands Cafe, which closed its doors on the first floor of Hiroshima’s Orizuru Tower in January 2024 to much regret, will reopen as Shake Hands Restaurant on the first floor of Hotel Iroha Miyajima in Miyajima in mid-March 2024.

Shake Hands Cafe had been operating on the first floor of Orizuru Tower since its completion in 2016, welcoming tourists visiting Hiroshima. From March onwards, it will move to Miyajima and offer the same services it cultivated at Orizuru Tower, but this time in a restaurant format.

Restaurant Shake Hands

While it is a place that can be visited during a sightseeing trip to Miyajima, it also has private rooms that can be used for celebrations such as anniversaries. The menu will feature dishes that go well with wine, such as oysters and other seafood caught in the Seto Inland Sea, as well as seasonal dishes.

Additional Information:

  • Location: 1st floor, Hotel Iroha Miyajima, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan
  • Opening date: Mid-March 2024
  • Cuisine: Seafood, seasonal dishes
  • Features: Private rooms, wine-friendly menu