Approximately 300 Local Baumkuchen from All Over Japan Gather in Hiroshima! Limited Edition Items and Live Demonstrations Also Available!

From March 16, 2024 (Saturday), the “Baumkuchen Expo 2024 Spring” will be held at Sogo Hiroshima in Naka Ward, Hiroshima City. Local baumkuchens from all 47 prefectures across Japan will be gathered and available for purchase.

“Baumkuchen is a German-style cake made by layering cake batter onto a rotating spit and baking it.”

The event will feature 11 brands offering limited edition products and live demonstrations, providing an opportunity to acquire baumkuchens that are not usually available.

In the local baumkuchen corner, approximately 300 varieties from all 47 prefectures will be showcased. The range includes simple baumkuchens, those incorporating fruits or local ingredients, and uniquely designed baumkuchens that might inspire you to capture photos. It’s a chance to encounter baumkuchens you may have never seen before.

As part of the pop-up shops, “Kikori Cake,” known for its baumkuchen and gelato in Kyoto, will also make an appearance. The popular product, “Kikori Cake Kyoto,” will be available in limited quantities of 50 servings per day, along with freshly baked baumkuchens.

The Baumkuchen Expo will run for five days until March 20, 2024 (Wednesday).